The Republican and the Democrat: A Love Story

Congrats to all of you.  Thing Two, my eleven-year-old, is a young writer.  She aspired to write as well as Stephenie Meyer, and did so back in first grade.  Still, she decided to write a love story about a Democrat and a Republican in Twilight fashion.  I found it quite promising, and have only (I swear) edited it for grammar and spelling.  Well I edited it as much as Stephenie would.  Enjoy.


The Republican and the Democrat: A Love Story

This is the story of the Democrat and the Republican, which is a way better story than Twilight… totes…. just ask SM.

Stephany Mayo:

Diz iz the bestz stoiy ever bout ROMANCEEEEEEEEEEEE

See!!! Even famous writers like it. So…. let’s get that out of the way…first we have to tell the story…DUH!!!!! (great intro right!!!???)



Kennedy stared at her…her beauty could send one to the moon. Her eyes were as sparkling as global warming. His heart played a saxophone to the tune of her blinks.

“Hey…. you ready for our date??”

Ken snapped out of his fantasy from the feelings he had once she met him.

“Okay now since you have snapped out of it I’ll discuss the plans, first… we need to catch the taxi…but the driver has to be American!!!” Wondering why she was so specific about the driver’s race he called the taxi with her.

Much later…

“This is so romantic!” she said with a sweet stare. The date was almost done…he had passed through all the questions..but he had a feeling one was approaching.

“Hey….” here it comes he thought, the question…he armed himself with excuses. “Are you Republican or Democrat???”

“Democrat.” he said.

She dropped her drink as her mascara dribbled down her cheek. “I’MMM……A REPUBLICAN.” she said  “WEEEE CAN’T BE TOGETHER!!!!”

His heart failed…and he fainted.

"Kennedy noooooooo!"

“Kennedy noooooooo!”



Ken woke up to a voice stronger than silver.  “I’m sorry…”

He tried to gain his memory. “I’m sorry too…. Marsha.”

“It’s my fault my uncle is Trump.”

Ken understood…since Uncle Bernie wanted him to only date Democrats.

“I guess this is it.” Ken realized this was most likely the last time he was to see her.

“Well bye … I guess.” Marsha walked away with mascara dripping down her shirt…Ken yelled after her …. but she only cried and ran farther.

Ken started to see the clues come together…she only wanted a American around her…in fact right once they had their first date she asked him if he was American, he thought as a bird landed on his shoulder.

“I need a new girlfriend,” he mumbled.


What will happen next?  Will Ken and Marsha see past their political stereotypes and have a love as shallow as Bella and Edward in Twilight?  Who knows, she hasn’t written it yet.  Stay tuned. 

14 responses

  1. Can’t wait. Hilarious. The title made me think this might be about you and your hubby…*ducks*

    1. Haha, yeah that one would have been boring. He votes differently but doesn’t seem to care, so I don’t understand why he doesn’t just vote my way. I had assumed this at the intelligent age of 22 when I asked and he told me he wasn’t political. Yay I can mold him. People are kind of stupid at 22.

      But yes, she’s made me fall over laughing. For the next part I gave her key terms for Republicans and Democrats. The Poor, taxes, etc. But that’s it. Also we have had fun with the dolls. Notice Ken’s hipster outfit – a little hard to tell as he is on the floor.

  2. Will she bite him and drink his blood to turn him Republican?
    Is it even physically possible for them to have children together?
    Oh, the suspense is killing me.

    1. Haha, the possibilities are ENDLESS. At least she’s related to Trump. If it was Cruz, I’m certain she could turn him into a vampire. Trump’s relatives are probably werewolves, though I’m not sure.

  3. bwahaha! Ummm would it be impolite Alice to point out that your sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek attitude towards politics may have influenced your daughters? And X brings up a good point – I don’t think Repubs and Dems have the same number of chromosomes – they most likely are not able to interbreed, although i don’t think anyone has ever tried.

    Great Story Thing 2! Makes me want to read more.

    1. Not at all! I’m so proud. 😀 Technically a Republican and a Democrat did reproduce, as my husband votes Republican, but I don’t really think it counts as he’s not very political – which is why he’s still alive. There is not enough room for my politics and someone else’s in our house. Also Democrat genes dominate, as is clear with my children. That or they just got sick of hearing Republicans compare Obama to Satan from Kenya. We live in Texas, and not in Austin. The horror.

  4. Excellent storytelling. “Her eyes were as sparkling as global warming.” LOL

    1. I nearly fell over laughing on that one. Then when she mentioned the saxophone (remember Bill Clinton on the Tonight show with his sax?) to the tune of her blinks, I did fall over.

      1. Was this Young Thing or Older Thing?

  5. Oh, Thing Two is amazing. I love this. Please encourage her to continue.

    1. She doesn’t need much encouragement! But thank you! 😀

  6. Haha! Politics from the mouth of babes. Love it.

  7. Ken = Kennedy. Brilliant!

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