More Awards to Soothe My Savage Ego!

And crank out another blog post!  I have learned so much from E.L. James.  For instance, you do not have to have anything remotely interesting or even sane to say in order to write for pages and pages.   Wait, I learned that in college English.  Still, E.L. enforced it. 

Scienerf, who is a fabulous lady with an awesome dog and blog,  gave me this award because she knows I like bling even though the idea of my blog being lovely is really funny.  Maybe it’s an Ironic Lovely Blog Award?  A Lovely Use of the Word Buttplug Award?  A Shut the Crap Up Alice Here Is Your Bling And Would You Like a Cookie Award?  It can be all of these things and more!

The ultimate in lovely irony – with a pretty tree. Thank you, scienerf.

It comes with rules.  This award does not realize that I am Rebel Library Person and so rules do not apply to me.  But what the heck, like I’m doing anything else productive.  I’m supposed to list seven random things about myself and nominate 15 bloggers.  Or was it that I was supposed to nominate seven mes and say random things about 15 bloggers.  I get so confused.  But I think that’s it.  So here goes.  I nominate myself, Inner goddess, Subconscious, the One behind the Alice, Bratty younger sister, Slacker mom, and Poster Child for Various Mental Disorders for the Lovely Blog Award because scienerf nominated me and so I am lovely and you guyz who don’t think so can suck it, okay?  Good.

Random Things About 15 Bloggers:

Scienerf is cool and not just because she gave me bling so go visit her blog and see her cute dog and oh yeah her writing.

This is not her dog. This is a mutant freak.

Le Clown says he is from Canada but is actually from planet Le Zoltran.

Speaker 7 has a puppet named Hugo who last I heard was arrested for public indecency at a Chuck E. Cheese.

Hugo, please come home!

Angie uses her blog Childhood Relived to melt peoples brains with evil 80s memories until they are under her mind control and willing to send her endless bling like winky Strawberry Shortcake dolls.

Judith of Stork Hunting writes about all the fun you can have in a pair of stirrups.

I bet if you were to slide down a hill on one of these, it’d be fun.

Angel of The Mirth of Despair writes posts that actually are lovely and not about buttplugs.

Ruby Tuesday of I Was Just Thinking is, in fact, not a restaurant but a very sweet lady that likes knights with pointy toes.

If you buy her blog, she’ll throw in Canvas for free!

Love and Lunchmeat is not processed food filled with nitrates.  She is leader of the Zombie Apocalypse Task Force.  I am her second-in-command because I just nominated myself.

Theabrasiveembrace kind of reminds me of Cyndi Lauper.  Her blog just wants to have fun.  Or something.

Wow, the 80s were a long time ago.

Madame Weebles made me my own purple heart ribbon and I didn’t even have to get shot at for it. 

Lulu of Sunny With a Chance of Armaggedon and I will hopefully one day leave our blogs and form our own Dream Team with the other Canvas authors. 

Dream Team was a really good movie.

Mooselicker writes a blog when he is not licking moose.  Or is it mooses?

Rich Full Life has a rich, full blog and a cute baby.  Go look at the cute baby!  Now!

Not her real baby. This is a stunt baby.

Miss Four Eyes likes glasses and according to her About page is not clinically insane, so she can be my token sane person.

Sara of Laments and Lullabies is married to Le Clown but is not from Planet Le Zoltran.  Theirs is a mixed marriage of clown and human.

Recent family photo

There are so many other bloggers I love that I could make an endless list but I have mush brains which I for now will blame on James and plus there is also that attention problem that I have oh hey look, a sad pony!  

He’s still so SAD.

Don’t be a sad pony.  If I like you, I will say something stupid, annoying, or possibly nice about you in a future blog post because that’s the kind of gal I am plus I need blogger fodder and oh yeah, bling.

20 responses

  1. Alice,
    How very kind of you to bestow upon me the honour of an award. Le Clown doesn’t do awards, unless they are the Not Featured on Freshly Pressed. But I thank you, nonetheless, and I’m happy you thought of me. This being said, I would like to nominate you for the only award that matters, The Alan Smithee Blog award. I give it to you, ad you have nothing to do for it…
    Le Clown

    1. I wonder what wordpress would think of your Not Featured on Freshly Pressed award. There are a lot more of those to be had. It’s like unbirthday presents. You have 364 unbirthdays vs only 1 birthday.

      I had to look up Alan Smithee. Haha. Good one.

  2. Your blog is lovely … not least because it mentions me.

    1. I think the stirrups added that extra touch of class.

  3. Oh you little rebel, Toby thanks you for his mention in all this loveliness 😉

    1. Toby deserves a best blogging dog award.

  4. I can neither confirm nor deny Hugo’s alleged presence at the alleged Chuck E. Cheese. I can neither confirm nor deny reports that Hugo allegedly grinded upon members of the animatronic band.

    1. If he did, I think the animatronics deserved it. Those things are creepier than Hugo.

  5. Thank you for making me your token sane person! It seems people have trouble believing that nothing is wrong with me. Next time, I’ll tell them to go take it up with Alice!
    And congratulations for the award! I really do think that your blog is lovely, and it may or may not be solely because of the use of the word buttplug. Buttplugs can be lovely too.

    1. Especially if they are pink and sparkly. Did you know there is a Hello Kitty vibrator? Seriously, there is.

  6. Your blog is lovely! Thank you for the mention here, I appreciate it, and that is one cute stunt baby.

    1. Cute baby + cute bunny = instant cutification.

  7. I believe the plural is meese. Congrats!

    1. Help, I have been attacked by a flock of meese.

  8. Sunny with a chance of Armageddon!!! That tag just made my day. Thanks Alice!

    P.S. The tree works. Pink trees go nicely with rabbit holes and marmalade skies.

    1. And all of those go well with LSD

  9. Thanks for your lovely words. Perhaps I should go write a post on butt-plugs . . .

    1. If they find you based on that search word, you only have me to thank. 😀

  10. You are so sweet, thanks oodles for this. And since I am a crap blogger who never does what I’m supposed to by awarding other blogs, I’m now going to make up for it. I officially award you all ten awards given to me in this post I just wrote. And if you want to stretch it, you can count each different logo for the same award as individually, and then you have 13 awards! I think you deserve 13 awards. 😀

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