Manifesto of a Trump Supporter

A couple of days ago, my husband brought me a “letter” that had been shoved in my mailbox with no stamp.  Since it’s a federal offense to mess with someone’s mailbox, either some unhinged person committed a crime to get this important info to me, or my mailman is Mr. McCreepy.  Pretty sure my mailman is not McCreepy, but someone creepy was there, at my house, and he brought me what can only be considered the manifesto of a seriously whacked out person – possibly on crack.

In case you were wondering, even after the title, this was a from a Trump supporter.  Now I’m not saying all Trump supporters are whacked out maniacs.  Some are quite reasonable when it comes to everyday life until you get to politics, at which point some spring in their heads goes ‘boing’ and all systems shut down.  I’m fairly sure, though, that this guy falls in the whacked out maniac category.  Anyway, without further ado, here it is.  Click to better view the Cray.

Yup, totally normal.

Yup, totally normal.

Apparently there’s a website (this is why it’s important to bring a buddy with you if you venture out into the Internet) out there called  I’m not sure what bamboo has to do with antisemitism and bizarre conspiracy theories, but there you go.  What’s odd about the original print out is that it says George Bush is the evil one working with the Jews to destroy the world.  Mr. McCray had to add in Hillary at the top in order to update things, since this is archival cray here.  And since the print out uses Bush, then clearly it’s not just a Republican / Democrat thing.  It’s a . . . all government is evil thing.  And the Jews.  Don’t forget them.

As bad as this print out is, it’s still not quite as bad as the person writing his (or her?) own notes on it.  You should notice multiple websites scribbled in ink which I am NOT going to click on because I can only imagine the cooties my computer will consume.  But we’ve got totally reputable sounding ones like “DarkMoon dot me”, “The forbidden truth dot com”, “Truth11 dot com”, “tortured in America dot org”, “stoppoliticalassassinations dot com” and you can’t forget the blog “Care and washing of the brain at blogspot dot com”.  I  have written out the dot coms because I really don’t want these people tracing back to my blog.  I already have to do a care and washing of my brain at this point.

And another thing – aren’t people who would type out something like this be the type who would advocate assassinating candidates?  They’ve always had sane reasons before, like the one who tried to kill Ronald Reagan because he wanted to impress Jodi Foster.  Makes total sense.

I did look up the word “ussa”  since the writer cautioned people that we were either the USA or the USSA.  The USSA seemed to either be a sports team or auto insurance.  But then I found the truth on Wikipedia.  See back in college Barack Obama was forming the American Socialist States of America.  Oh, okay.  The Wikipedia article knows this to be true, because “Michelle noticed that Obama had a mustache, much like ol’Hitler and Joseph Stalin, and left him for that guy who lost the 2004 elections”.  This comes from something known as the Uncyclopedia, which I like to think people don’t actually believe is real, because that makes me feel better.

He also seems concerned about gun ownership, because surely he needs to defend himself against Hillary, who is in league with THE JEWS and probably that commie Barack Obama.  He lists gun owners dot com and the America Defense Fund dot com site.  That this guy probably has weapons makes me feel all gushy inside, like my insides have been splattered.  We should probably all be wearing bullet proof vests at this point. Because you never know when one of these guys is going to walk up to your door.  Or a Jew.  Because . . . Jews.

That he has seized on the Jews as a scapegoat is a little odd, because – didn’t Hitler kind of do that?  And he’s supposedly not wanting a Hitler.  So you’d think he’d just stick with Muslims, minorities, immigrants, women, and well most of the population, like Trump does.  It’s been effective for the guy so far.  But no, Hillary is truly evil and she and her Jew army (just what?) are going to take over the U.S.A. and then won’t you be sorry.  So be sure and look up all the youtube links and find out the truth for yourself.  Or don’t, really, don’t do it.

You think he’s done, but there’s a back page.  No more print, just scribbles.



And don’t forget these sites!  “One humanity, one love” especially grips me.  Because this guy is clearly calling for tolerance here.  Unless, you know, you don’t vote for Trump.  Or you’re Jewish.

So what to make of all of this?  I think it demonstrates one very chilling truth.  Trump is not the scariest part of this election.  It is the people who have consistently supported him who scare me.  People who think it’s okay to be racist, sexist, and hateful.  Who want there to be “one humanity” that is them.  If you aren’t like them, then stay behind your wall.  Stay in your country that is bombed everyday.  Because at this point, I don’t know how much better it is over here.  I thought we had come so far.  I was wrong.  People like this guy still exist, and worse, there are so many others, enough to get Trump nominated for president of our country.  And it’s not just the rich white men.  It’s poor people, minorities, and women voting for him.  I don’t understand that at all.

How can you vote for someone who thinks that YOU, yes, YOU are not worthy of respect.  Who thinks it’s okay to send people away or discriminate against them because of their religion, or the color of their skin, or their lack of wealth, or their gender.  I’ve always been a Democrat, but while I disagree with Republicans on many issues, I’ve never actually been scared of one before, scared of what he will do with this country.  Hillary is not an angel.  But even Trump admitted that she doesn’t give up.  She keeps going, no matter how many insults are hurled at her.  And in this campaign, all decency and decorum has been thrown out the window.  You can hate Hillary.  But Trump – he is the leader to fear.  He speaks to the worst in all of us – to the fear, to the hate, to the anger that we all have because of injustices in this country, to the need to blame somebody.

You want someone to blame?  We must blame ourselves.  Because things have gotten truly bad here, enough that Trump has been able to seize on our weaknesses to bring himself to power.  But he is not the one to fix the problems in this country.  That’s up to us.  We have more power than we realize.  There are more of us than there are of people like him.  Yet almost 50 percent of the country refuses to vote.  Half of the country.  Do you think those votes could make a difference?  Maybe not individually, but together, oh yes it can.  I’m not telling you to vote for Hillary.  But please, vote for someone.  Vote for third party, write in someone, use your voice, use your right that people fought and died for, because that is our power.

It’s time we put it to use.


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  1. I worry about this election like never before….wish we could skip it this time… but who knows what happens next year here when we have to vote… the candy dates look promising…

    1. Yeah, it’s been awful. In one way I want it to be over, in another way I’m scared of either outcome. Because if Hillary wins, we get to hear more hatred spewed by the people all around us (we live in conservativeville) for four years. I have daughters that have already grown up listening to racist hate, now it’s time for sexist hate.

      If Donald wins, though – yeah I’m not even going there.

  2. You may want to contact the Southern Poverty Law Center (splc

  3. Anyway, you may want to contact the Southern Poverty Law Center (, as they track hate groups in the U.S. While your charming note seems to be unsigned, they might have others they can link it to in their databases, and the frequency of bigotry and threats towards Jews most definitely qualifies the authors as a hate group. Unless there is the off chance that this is from one individual. The FBI is your best bet then, but my guess is they’re doing about 100 times more business in this election cycle than they are in a normal year.

    Within mailbox distance is too close for my comfort, but you can still get those horribly ugly (but as time passes, more and more appealing options) that look like big black footlockers that you actually need a key for. Only you and the letter carrier can access those.

    But I’m going to give you my word on something, dear Alice. Trump will not win. I’m not looking to play “told ya so” when I relate that at the beginning of his dumpster fire of a campaign back in the primaries, I said I easily saw him getting the nomination. But he WILL NOT WIN. You have to put a lot of faith in me, my longstanding political junky-ism, and my amazing instincts – not to mention putting a lot of faith in U.S. voters, which I still do.

    But take heart, dear Alice. He will not win.

    1. I truly hope you’re right, Ruby. I’ve lost a lot of faith in the American people lately. Every time you think he’s down, they find something else – like the Wikileaks stuff. The guy is illegally trying to control the outcome of an election just because Hillary wanted to indict him. So did most Republicans and Democrats! Why does he want Trump to win?

      And yeah, it did sound like a hate group, but unfortunately, I live in Texas, and we have some weirdos here. It’d be pretty hard to figure out which one. And if Hillary wins, we get to hear horrible stuff about her for four years. The hatred spewing from the people about Obama was bad enough. My kids had to grow up with that. But a woman? Especially an ambitious one? Yeah, I don’t even want to think about it.

      Both Merry and I want to go live in a cave with Internet access. But the locked mailbox sounds like a good idea for now.

      1. Alice, if Bon Jovi taught us anything, it’s, “Man, you’ve got to keep the faith!” 😉

        And hard though it may be (trust me, I was having rage seizures this week), maybe think about it this way. You have an unprecedented opportunity to teach your young women (they aren’t so much kids anymore, especially after this last year) how to be strong and value themselves. How to fight fair and speak up. How no matter who may try to drown them out, their voices matter. How important it is to be actively involved in the election process. How there is a whole lot of hate in this world, but for all of the hate there is a lot more love. People are fighting for that good in ways they might not in another election year.

        Perhaps most importantly, in planting our feet firmly beside Michelle Obama’s, we show that when the other party goes low, lower than anyone can remember a human being — let alone a major party nominee — going before, we go higher.

        And come on, won’t it be just insanely amazing to gather those two young women up in your arms on Election Night and say, “We did it. Holy shit, break out the bubbly!”

        (I’m gonna toast you, and you’d better toast me. For now, know I have enough faith for the both of us, and Merry, too.)

        P.S. It might be an interesting topic for Canvas, the effect this election is having on mental health, if anyone felt like writing about it (*wink wink*). I saw a headline somewhere in my news feed today about this very issue. Of course if no one wants to write it, that’s understandable. Heaven know that I ain’t going near it!

        1. Oh, Bon Jovi! I so love him. Too bad he isn’t running. At least we’d hear good music.

          I saw that headline and thought “no shit”. But it sounds like fun!

        2. Hey, Ruby, I did write a post on the election and mental health. Somehow I managed to lose your email. If you will email me again, I’ll send you the post if you’d like to proof it. I think it might need a picture or a cat video, but otherwise I believe it’s finished. Let me know!

          1. So I sent you an email, and I am so incredibly excited to read your piece. Obviously I thought it was a topic you could do great stuff with, but I’m also just jumping for joy with the thought that ‘Alice is back! Alice is back! Sooooo excited for Alice!’

            I did just do something totally unorthodox for Canvas (and me) by writing an unplanned post and then just hitting “Publish.” I hope hope hope that doesn’t mess you up, but something really had to give for me. I think when you read it you will understand it was either that or the blood vessels in my brain.

            Once again, and just in case my email to you didn’t go through right, send your piece to


            While I seriously appreciate your discretion, that one is public.

            Also, I have some thoughts on cat videos. . . . 😉

    1. OMG, that is what that bizarro article was talking about – Jews and the International Bankers . . . I just. Yeah, not surprised. Head/desk.

  4. Not laughing at this one. Chilling is a perfect word.

    1. Yeah. This whole election makes me wish I’d been on drugs the entire time.

  5. I’m not sure sure it’s federal offense to put stuff in your mail, because people seem to keep putting in local restaurant menus and political leaflets without any fear.
    On this specific letter, it looks like you got mail straight from the basket of deplorables. You could ask your neighbors if they got something like this, too, but I don’t think you need to be worried about this guy (I’m almost sure it’s a guy), because he apparently thinks of you and your husband as a potential ally in his crusade against the Jews.

    1. Well I thought it was in the mailbox, but as it turns out, the letter was slid into my husband’s truck. The window was open a crack because of the heat (yes in October). I’m not sure if that makes me feel any better, though.

      A potential ally- could be. I think if Trump gets it we could start saluting him instead of the flag. And we could add, I dunno, Hail to the Trump!

  6. I’d be freaked out if someone left that in my mailbox. It’s certainly make me want to keep the gun that Obama didn’t take a little closer by.

    This election, though. Voting for either of the main two makes me feel sick to my stomach, so a third party vote it’ll be, although I’d rather a big fat NONE OF THE ABOVE option just to make a point.

    1. I saw a mug that said Trump / Hillary / Going to Canada. The last one was checked. Canada better build a wall.

  7. Go to the polls, people of the USA. If none of the candidates are suitable, spoil your ballot paper. If enough people do that, then they’ll have to look into it. Especially if more than 50% of the voting papers are spoilt.

    1. This is what I keep saying! Write in a candidate if you want to – that could be even funnier if we end up electing, say, a favorite comedian. Not for them, but for us.

      1. Even better idea – get everyone to vote for Prince Harry.

        1. Awesome. My daughters and I love the British flag. Thing Two was wearing a spangled shirt with your flag on it – to the 4th of July breakfast. Luckily it has the same colors, so no one caught on that we had a Tory amongst us. Lol.

          1. I can’t see Thing Two getting on very well with the current Tory government. I feel she’d tell Teresa May where to go with some of what’s going on. And the Labour party are currently too busy fighting with each other because they don’t like their leader (and I sometimes get the impression that Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t like himself much either) to be of any use. The Liberal Democrats sold themselves out by teaming up with the Tories last time round. Which then leaves the Green Party, who aren’t too bad but there’s only 1 of them in parliament, and all the mad little racist facist parties, who make some of your Republicans look like reasonable, rational human beings…

          2. I know it’s so sad. I hope our American cooties didn’t get sent to you somehow. Anyway, when it comes to England, I think she mostly likes the flag and Dr. Who. Though, yes, she would speak her mind to them. She goes right up to the chief Trump maniacal supporter (in a 12 year old no less) and tells him “Go Hillary.” No fear, that kid.

          3. I think you got Brit Germs first. Bloody Empire…. Sending people out to discover new lands and oppress the natives by stealing their land and turning them into slaves. We probably caught the bug off the Romans, who’d got it from the Greeks or Babylonians first. Man, history is depressing.

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