Funny Blog Friday Update: Bleep Blop Bloop

Hey remember when I mentioned that blog hop thing and wanted captions yesterday and like it’s today and I only got one kinda randy and fabulous one from a nun (the most awesome nun I know)?    It occurred to me, besides the fact that possibly I have no friends or they don’t love me, that maybe I should have just said to put the caption to the picture in the COMMENTS, not make your own post, cause come on, you got things ta do and all dat.  Yay, do dat, do dat – frack I’ve got that Iggy twit in my head.  Sorry.

Also WordPress said bleep, blop, bloop to me again.  Shut up, WordPress.  And quit changing the site.  Are you in cahoots with Facebook?

Anyway, so here’s the pic again and the link to my original FBF post and I sound like one of those moms that says pleeeeease vote for my babieeeeeeeeeee in this contest!  Or rather please caption my babieeeee!


For more incentive, here are two of the prizes.  Thing One is still working on hers – it’s like she has standards or something.  First up is mine.  Click to enlarge pics.

Here's my artwork - wooot.  Notice the 50 shades book.  For shame, Alice, go back to books with pictures.  Same to you, James.

Here’s my artwork – wooot. Notice the 50 shades book. For shame, Alice, go back to books with pictures. Nice pictures.

And here is Thing Two’s Manga Pony Alice.

This is so weird, yet adorable somehow.

This is so weird, yet adorable somehow.

These pictures will of course be on the finest Wal-Mart drawing paper and mailed directly to your choice of house, work, prison, whatevs.  So come on, you can’t resist this stuff can ya?

Update 2: The fab Merbear has offered a caption too and I’m gonna spit out my drink.  Okay, so you can you know, either put your caption here or on the old post or just run like the colors of the wind or whatever.  I’ll be okay.

sad pony

Doooon’t worry about meeee.


5 responses

  1. I’m kind of glad I was the first one to leave you a caption!

    And you can trust Mer to come up with something filthy and/or funny. 😀

    1. Always! You two are the best. 😀

      1. I feel honoured to be ranked up there with the mighty Mer!

  2. This is much easier!
    “Sorry about the hunting mishap. When you said the bears were your little brothers, I thought you meant metaphorically.”

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