Thing Two’s Contest Entry

I told my nine-year-old daughter, Thing Two, about Evil Squirrel’s contest.  She insisted on submitting her own entry.  Here it is unedited.  Make of it – what you will.

One day, A Uni-kitty named Possum (in uni-kitty it means Dumb but) Was playing a squirrel on lego Batman 2 on his Wii until he felt something gross on his head for, it was a old dirty possum. This was unussal, Even for a uni-kitty. Possum freaked out and ran across da room until he ran into his Origami Yoda collection.

Note: Unikitty has telephathic powers

Note: Unikitty has telephathic powers

“WHO DA HECK R U DUDEZ?” Possum questioned. “Boy are you a super dumb but, for I am Gandolf the pink” Said the possum. “ GANDOLFZ WUT A WEIRD NAME!!!!” “ Like dude I am like the magi of

Gotham city yo!” Gandolf stated. Possem stared at the TV like Bella,

he felt pretty dumb. He knew EVERYTHING about Batman ,but he couldn’t say that he has heard of it before. “ Ugh, like I am a wizard so I

can do magic and do that thou shall not pass stuff.” The wizard replied.


Note: Pretty sure this still beats dj’s entry.

36 responses

  1. Thing Two should have a gig as a guest blogger. She rocks!

    1. Thing Two: Why, yes, yes I should.

  2. That girl needs to enter the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest. She’s a natural! How cute. 🙂

    1. Thing Two: Wow, that would be amazing for my face to be on the cover of a book on Amazon.

      1. Ha! She’s awesome. 🙂

  3. Thing 2 needs her own blog.

    1. Thing Two: I really DO want one. It would be so stooky.

        1. Thing Two: In the author of “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda”‘s words, stooky means super duper awesome.

  4. Thing Two definitely thumped Matticus.
    (Pretty sure she bested you too…)

    1. *ahem*
      Ouch. And you guys know I’m right here… I can hear you talking about me! 😛

    2. Thing Two: Yes, I did, I totally kicked him out of whatever place he was.

  5. LOL! Of course, I already knew unikitties had telepathic powers. Your daughter has a wonderfully vivid imagination, and I’m glad she entered my contest!

    1. Thing Two: Just so you know, in the lego movie there is a uni-kitty.

      1. I didn’t know that… thanks!

  6. Victory is assured… for someone. Maybe Thing 2. Maybe Alice. Maybe… no, probably not me. :-/

    1. Thing Two: Why, yes, probably not you. Sorry.

    1. Thing Two: YAY I AM MASSIVELY BOLT.

  7. I just nominated you for the Inventive Blogger award! Go to my blog (and look for the paragraph pertaining to the letter “I”/) for more details.

  8. Freakin’ AWESOME! 🙂

    1. Thing Two: I am freakin’ awesome, yo.

      1. And don’t let Thing Two forget it! 😀

  9. “I am like the magi of Gotham city yo!” is literary genius.

    1. Thing Two: If that little possum is the magi of Gotham City then he would be the magi of a whole bunch of islands, and Batman.

  10. Whoa, somebody’s bogarting again…

    1. Thing Two: I am bumming blogs.

  11. Yay, “Gandolf the Pink”. Love it!

    1. Thing Two: One of my friends thought about Gandalf the Rainbow.

  12. Thing Two, I really hope you win this!

  13. Very entertaining and amusing entry!

  14. Wow! Hats off for a very creative mind! Unikitty, Pink Gandalf and Telepath Possum… Great!
    Love and hugs
    Servant Z & Yelloz

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