My winning contest entry

In case you didn’t know, ES (Evil Squirrel) is running a contest in which you get like 20 dollars worth of free nuts.  Or, wait, no, it’s free stuff from his store.  Whatever it is, I am going to win it because so far I only have djmatticus competing with me, and let’s face it, his cute little story does NOT have what it takes to win squirrel merchandise.  Not when I have this fabulous drawing here. (Click to enlarge the fabulousness.)

Suck it, dj.

Suck it, dj.

As you can clearly see, I’ve got a squirrel, a unicorn (no one said it had to be a real unicorn so I’ve got Sad Pony all dolled up) and a possum all in the picture.  All required elements.  Squirrel is in love with the possum because the possum is wearing glasses and reminds him of someone he knows.  Also, I threw in a tree filled with nuts.  I’m awesome that way.

So anyhow, now I’ll just wait for ES to award me my prize while dj goes off and cries like a little girl.

Update: Goldfish and Judah and even one of my Things have also entered as competition.  Dj is still gonna cry like a little girl.

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  1. So much awesome in one picture 😉

    1. Thanks! I know I’m gonna win all the nuts!

  2. Well, as long as you’re being gracious in victory… 😉

    1. Always! Worship meeeeee! 😀

    2. Gracious is her middle name.

      1. She must get some strange looks at the DMV…

        1. That’s not the only place…

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  4. Excrement, oh, I mean excellent. 😉

    1. Yeah, either works, we are talking squirrels, ponies, and possums.

  5. Um… what the what?
    You can’t title the post “winning entry” before the contest is over. That’s just asking the fates to mess with you!
    Love the little picture. You definitely get creativity points for going that route. Not sure how it compares with my silly flash fiction… I’ll leave that to more evil minds to decide. But, good luck. Or, something like that.

    1. Wait, wait, I seem to recall someone else declaring himself the winner in another contest earlier who was that I can’t remember??? 😀

      Go Fates!

      1. How can you remember stuff like that? Sheesh! That was months ago. I can’t even remember what I was talking about five minutes ago.
        And, in my defense, since nobody else is jumping to my defense (grumble, grumble, worthless bunch of kingdomites), the whole point of that earlier contest was to be obnoxious and declare ourselves kings and queens of the blogosphere… I don’t think this contest is being run on the same principles. Then again, I am just a Jester, so I know very little about such things.

        1. I thought every contest was a chance to be obnoxious!

          1. You might be right about that. Hmm, I may have to rethink my whole approach. Do you think ES will let me have a do-over?

          2. He never said there was a limit in number of entries! You could like, 27 or so.

          3. Evil Jester brain churning. Awesomesauceh. It’s on now, Alice. muahahahahahahahaha

  6. Is the possum dead?

    1. Would he have a question mark over his head if he was dead? He’s just slightly disturbed is all.

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  8. What a great entry! I am working hard on mine too. 🙂

    1. Oooh, I can’t wait. Will it be knit? I still totally need to pay you to knit me a sad pony!

      1. It is indeed a knit! 😀 Alas I am hard wired to make only happy ponehs. Perhaps I could make a sad pony that is having a very good day and is happy? LOL.
        I will pop you on the Christmas list. 🙂 I tried to make a “despair bear” once and my son said “why does he look like he is having the best day ever?” We call him happy bear now. :-). I have no idea why I am perpetually optimistic even in face of conflicting evidence. Not my fault, forgive me. LOL.

        1. Ha! Well Sad Pony is happy when say Squirrel falls out of a tree. And Squirrel is always maniacally happy. ha. Anyway, seriously, I do love your stuff. I have so tried to knit, and best I can do is hats on tthat knifty knitter.

  9. I’m just enjoying watching for all the entries! 🙂 So far they are all cute. The possums are kinda weird, but hey, we can’t all be unicorns, right?

    1. True. I once set out a trap from the pound to catch some stray cats and caught a baby possum. That was weird.

  10. Love it! This picture had me cracking up! I think my favorite part is how it looks like the possum is impaled on that tree branch… that is so Buster! You also get bonus points for being so gracious! We squirrels can appreciate a little humility…

    1. Now that you mention it – it does appear like he’s impaled. No wonder he looks so uncomfy. I thought it was just because I couldn’t draw possums!

  11. Wow…nice, WT! You totes got this…

    1. Thanks, WT, though you should try one of your awesome poems.

  12. Great entry! I’m waiting until I’ve seen everyone else’s. Then I shall cunningly combine the best parts of each, thereby easily winning the contest.

  13. Congratulations for a winner entry 🙂 To enter the contest is a win by itself! Love the fabulous drawing and the sweet humor!
    Love and hugs
    Servant Z & Yelloz

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