National Go Away Creeper Day

Hey Creeper

You’re so gross

You’re so ick

You make me sick

Hey, Creeper!  Hey Creeper!

Oh, creeper, you're so . . . yikes.

Oh, creeper, you’re so . . . yikes.

Oh, hello there.  Just making up new lyrics to the most intellectual and highbrow of songs, “Hey Mickey.”  Why?  Because it is National Go Away Creeper Day.  You didn’t know this?  Well, mark it down.  And prepare your gifs.

It's sure to catch on.  Mark your calendars.

In case any of you are wondering if you’re creepers, you probably aren’t.  Creepers don’t realize they creep.  Sometimes they leave mean comments.  Sometimes they steal your ideas and use them on their blogs.  Sometimes they just . . . keep . . . showing up.  And say odd things that really can’t be responded to because . . . dude is nuts.  And on WordPress, there’s just really no sure way to shake them off your leg.

The only real creeper I’ve ever had was the (Liiiink Drop!)  Dragon Tales guy.  And all his friends.  Unless it really is just one person giving me all those hits looking up various versions of the words “dragon tales”.  And reading that post I wrote reviewing the show over and over and over and over.  I’m not sure which is worse.  One person having enough time to be that deranged on his own, or one person leading an army of whacked out minions.

Just . . . stop . . . stop it now!

Just . . . stop . . . stop it now!

But I’ve had friends who have experienced Creeper-ness.  I‘ve written about this before, (Link Drop #2!) but it’s Friday, I have no ideas, and yeah friends are still being bothered by these guys.  So I’m getting to a point where I think I’m really gonna start sending out my Anti-Awards, of which this is a favorite.

Sending Golum your way!

Sending Golum your way!

Are you tired of creepers?  Yeah?  I can’t hear you!  I still can’t hear you cause you’re typing from far away!  Anyhoo, if you hate creepers, you can put the creeper sign (either one) on your blog to show your support against creepers.  Or not. You know, if you’re a creeper.  Or something.

On this special day, do any of you have stories about how you handled blog creepers?  If so, let me know in the comments below.

39 responses

  1. You can block specific ip addresses or user handles (I think) through the wp dashboard.
    I’ve had very few creepers like you describe.
    Possibly because they know I’m crazier than them…

    1. I’ve heard of that too. But there are some who – well – aren’t really bad, but they’re just so weird, and it seems kind of mean to block them, but they totally weird you out. Not you. I’m talking guys like Twindaddy. 🙂 Juuuust kiddin’. No really, there are some types like that and ya just don’t know what to do really . . .
      But not on my blog! I swears! Except you, dragon tales people!

  2. It saddens me that creepers don’t get the memo. Go away!

    1. They get the memo and go “Huh, I wonder who these creepers are?”

      1. The genius is lost on them.

  3. Since I can do a mean Sparky, I’ll bet I would make a fabu creeper too!

    1. You could draw a creeper squirrel! I bet he’d be awesome. You can creep on my blog anytime, ES! We’re family! Oh, and how are the little sponkicorns?

      1. They are looking as sparkly and awesome as ever! Sparkleponeh says hi, and wants to send her thanks for gluing her hair to the side of her body. Even Mane and Tail and No More Tangles can’t do a thing for her bad hair day…

        1. But that’s how Rainbow Donkey likes it.

          1. Sparkleponeh says, “Who asked that rainbow jackass?”

            She’ll get over it once it’s time for her favorite TLC shows…

          2. Real Horsewives of Donkey County?

  4. I feel a little sorry for Gollum, but NOT for Edward… or Justin urrrks.

    1. Poor Gollum only wants his precioussssss.

  5. Creepers gonna creep, yo.

    But yeah, it’s just icky. Usually when I get someone like that who totally will not get the fucking memo, I pick up my little house and move – after leaving a forwarding address with the peeps I wanna keep. It’s kind of extreme, but it works.

  6. Is there some kinda spray? Like bug repellent?

    1. I think Merbear has one. Narc-b-gone.

      1. Ohhhhhhh……Maybe I’ll try some.

      2. Twindaddy doesn’t remember anything.

        1. Nope. Doesn’t know when to hold ’em or when to fold ’em.

  7. I had one creeper. At first, his comment seemed reasonable so I approved it, but then he kept leaving more and more bizarre ones. Put his name in the “always needs moderation” column. Weird dude.

    1. I didn’t realize you could do it individually. That might be useful one day. I’ve only gotten one or two like that but it is weird isn’t it? Like uhhhh, how do I respond to this?

      1. I hate to block comments, but when they’re obviously purposely divisive and off-track, they need to go. Luckily, I’ve rarely had to do it. Only one other time when a commenter troll dissed one of my other commenters. It was mean-spirited, and there was no point in approving it.

  8. Now I’m feeling unpopular because I don’t have a creeper or a stalker. And I have that Mickey song stuck in my brain, so thanks for that.

    1. You can have mine.

      1. Send him over…as long as he’s not really creepy.

    2. I’m sure someone would be willing to loan you theirs! Oh Mickey, you’re so fine you blow my mind!!

  9. I’m going to celebrate National Go Away Creeper Day by stalking you. You’re very lucky I’m so lazy.

    1. If I gotta be stalked, let it be by GF!

  10. I’m watching you, Alice…MAWHAHAHAHA

    1. I knew it! Creeper librarians!

  11. So trolls now have a new name 😉

  12. This was so funny. Are you going to patent these anti awards so some douchecreeper doesn’t steal them?

  13. I had to write about one myself. He’s deranged beyond words and needs someone to drop a house on him!

  14. I clearly don’t post enough. Not got a creeper – at least, not yet. New followers seem to be turning up quite regularly though. Bet most of those are spambots.

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